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30 Days of Accessibility Testing. Join In!

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The most efficient Agile and DevOps teams use BDD to drive development and streamline collaboration. What about you?
Discover some of the best practices to implement and scale BDD with our ! with Hiptest!

Join us in our new online 30 Days of Accessibility Testing Challenge. Learn about assistive technologies, diversity of disabilities and how to test them. As always, you can do this anytime anywhere, or take part in the group effort, we kicked off on the 1st of May 2017.

Continuous delivery means teams must explore and deploy new testing approaches to increase test coverage and take the pressure off of manual testing. Automation expert Greg Sypolt will share how he successfully leveraged visual testing to increase coverage and reduce maintenance, while speeding up release cycles.

One of the most common problems agile teams face is taking on Stories that are too large. Find out how Story Mapping has become a very useful tool in breaking down large epics into small, valuable slices that can be developed and tested incrementally.

We have a new series! It’s filled with short, snackable introduction to testing basics in 99second chunks. For example, learn all about Bug Reports, what they are, their value, examples of them as well as pitfalls to avoid. So if you want to learn the what, why and how of things

Many of you have read the LinkedIn article recently, Stop hiring software checkers. I’ve been pondering the post for a while trying to figure out how I felt about it…I saw another blog post that followed this one called Two new…schools? Are there perhaps more than two “schools” of testing? What has been your experience?

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